• luther russell Selective Memories: An Anthology (double CD, £13.50)

    label: Hanky Panky Records

    Luther Russell is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Los Angeles, California. His career began with DGC and American recording artists The Freewheelers twenty-five years ago. As a solo artist he has released an eclectic series of albums that range from folk-rock to power-popÖ and even funk. His latest, The Invisible Audience, is a kaleidoscopic double-album which won raves across the board. As producer he has worked with many critically acclaimed artists such as Richmond Fontaine, Fernando, Sarabeth Tucek and Ned Roberts. Lutherís albums and production work for others have been praised by the likes of Uncut, Mojo, Word, BBC, Tape Op, L.A. Times, NME, The Quietus and more. His music has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO and Showtime. Lutherís latest project is Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Jody Stephens of the legendary group Big Star. Their self-titled full-length was released on Ardent/Burger to ecstatic reviews and theyíve since toured three continents. Luther also co-wrote two songs for Weezerís recent Grammy-nominated self-titled record. A two-disc retrospective of his career entitled Selective Memories: An Anthology will is released this year, as well as a new studio album, Medium Cool. He is a Sagittarius. TRACK LISTING CD 1 1.-Got Me On My Knees 2.- Interstate 68 Blues 3.- I Got A Woman 4.- Iíll Keep Away 5.- Thursday Girl 6.- The Man Hurts You 7.- Donít Cry 8.- One Heartís Gonna Break 9.- Little Miss Fortune 10.- Too Dark In Your House 11.- Kill Me 12.- Desdemona 13.- Let The Music Bring A Smile 14.- Princess Washed The Dishes 15.- Iím A Stranger 16.- Donít Talk To Strangers 17.- Seven 18.- Back To Me 19.- Friend Song / CD 2 1.- Smoke Signals 2.- Anymore, Anyway 3.- Lonely Planet Song 4.- Fried Bananas 5.- Keohenís Theme 6.- Arthur Lee 7.- Tell Me If My Loveís Too Late 8.- Bronwyn 9.- Empty Taxis 10.- So Sad 11.- Somehow Or Another 12.- Kurt 13.- Just Short Of Winning 14.- Everybody Falls 15.- Black Leather Coat 16.- Your One Big Lie 17.- The Look In Your Eye 18.- Everything You Do 19.- Motorbike 20.- The Sunnyland 21.- Yer So Bad 22.- The Sound Of Rock & Roll

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