• gentlemen's agreements Last Call for the Gentlemen (CD, £10.75)

    label: Soundflat

    THE GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENTS are back with yet another Freakbeat‐Hammond‐Mod masterpiece! After their fabulous debut “Understanding!”, their two hit‐singles and many legendary live‐shows all over the international 60s‐scene, the Frenchmen have once again captured their groovy, hammond‐driven, fuzzy, 60s Mod‐sound  on their record, featuring a touch of soul and a hint of jazz that will always leave you completely stunned. Whether it is fantastic instrumentals, such as “Grand Bi Chase”, which bears resemblance to LINK QUARTET, displaying a jazzy, masterly Hammond organ, or simply danceable, catchy songs like “She’s So Fine” and “You Got The Flower” – each song catches you all over again in its very own way. This record is just 100% pure energy! The only cover version included on this album is HOWARD CARPENDALE’s “Du Hast Mich” and without any doubt a great approach to the song, whereas anyone German speaking will also find a slightly comical side to it while trying to figure out what the hell these lyrics are supposed to mean. Finally the record finishes off with the incredibly cool and furious “Catch A Plane” that definitely make you hope that this won’t be the “last call” we get to hear from these boys, but there will be many more to follow.   “Last Call For The Gentlemen” is a brilliant, powerful record from the first second to last – but you’d better hear for yourselves!

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