• larry wallis The Sound of Speed (LP, £24.95)

    label: cleopatra

    Rare and unreleased tracks from the former Pink Fairies and Motörhead guitarist! Includes track by track annotation by Wallis himself! Track List: 1. Leather Forever (1986 Single) 2. Seeing Double (1986 Single) 3. I Think It's Coming Back Again (Lost Stiff) 4. I Can't See What It's Got To Do With Me (Lost Stiff) 5. Crying All Night (Lost Stiff) 6. Old Enough To Know Better (Demo) 7. Story Of My Life (Lost Stiff) 8. It Ain't Enough Redbirds (Outtake) 9. I Love You So You're Mine Love (Pirates Of Doom) 10. Meatman! (Exit Wound)

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