• trouble pilgrims Dark Shadows and Rust (CD, £12.95)

    The Radiators From Space were Ireland’s first Punk Rock band and celebrated the 40th anniversary of their “TV Tube Heart” debut LP with a special expanded edition. The band made a second album then parted ways.  Ten years after their debut they reformed and made an album called “Trouble Pilgrim” (available on Chiswick CDWIKD 269). After one more album singer, guitarist and Philip Chevron’s death halted the Radiators’ career.  Original Radiators Pete Holidai and Steve Rapid have continued under the Trouble Pilgrims name and since 2013 have issued two singles. “Dark Shadows And Rust” is their album debut.  With later Radiators drummer Johnny Bonnie joined by Tony St Ledger on second guitar and Bren Lynott on bass they conjure up a swirl of dark material nodding in the direction of the Cramps and post punks the Bad Seeds, but leavened by Pete’s fine sense of 60s style melody and underpinned by Steve’s Enoesque keyboards.  TRACKLIST 1. SNAKE OIL CARNIVAL 2. ANIMAL GANG BLUES 3. INSTANT POLAROID 4. DEATH BALLAD 5. QUEEN OF HEARTACHE 6. REACH OUT 7. LONG WAY TO THE SUN 8. DEARLY BELOVED 9. THE VELVET TONGUE 10. SEX IN A CHEAP HOTEL 11. THE GREAT DIVIDE

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