• fabric 95: roman flügel  (CD, £9.95)

    label: Fabric

    Roman Flügel was part of the legendary German label family of Playhouse, Klang Elektronik and Ongaku, where he would release almost all his early music. Alongside other Frankfurt techno artists he would go on to form the spine of the scene for the next decade. Flügel’s numerous production aliases include Eight Miles High, Soylent Green, Tracks On Delivery and Roman IV. His later work has largely been with independent German label DIAL with whom he’s made three albums. ‘fabric 95’ champions the sound that Roman Flügel has explored since his early years: abstract, idiosyncratic and tense at times but ultimately warm and inviting. Seamless mixing provides a platform for all manner of emotive melodies, vocals and oddities to flourish over the course of the compilation.

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