• restless breed 2.0  (12", £8.75)

    This reissue of the small batch of records which was at first released in 2015 now comes to the stores in this years fall. The record is the successor of the record Bombtrap1 which is also called 'Restless Breed' by Chip Tronic from 2004. * During the year 2014 the idea emerged to have these tracks remixed by musical friends, Like minded artists were contacted by email or chat and samples were uploaded. During this process it became clear that it would be a better option not to do only remixes of the original tracks but instead to include tracks which have the same mood of the original which is industrial wanly dark techno, straightforward but quirky at the same time. * So the concept of doing a pure remix was enhanced to the upgrade idea. Hence the number increased. Apart from this maybe confusing history tree – it was a kind of freaky concept idea , but the label name can sometimes explains it – the resulting fruit which is this record contains 5 very different tunes. Every record needs a kind of opener / hymn. The A1 is: Flekk-Botox_Neoflekk. Flekk takes the original Robox Neotech Track and transforms it into a crispy blend between Dutch Electro , British Wonky techno and french techno from the first zero years. The tune might have much cheese but this its character. Bon Appetit! A2 comes by the techno machine wizard Paul Birken. Paul was given some vocoder vocals and frequency modulated synthesiser recordings of chip´s Thor because the idea was to give the track Thor which came out in 2009 on the Italian label le galassie di seyfert a techno sibling. The result is Paul Birken – Thor Remix 2014 and it is meant to do the name of the thunder god justice. This is a heavy industrial power techno track . Metallic, hard, crude. A3 is a remix by Muelli who interprets the original ghost driver tune of Bombtrap 1 and makes good use of editing and arranging the samples he was given. Solid. Muelli Remix Ghostdriver is bread and butter for the wonky needs. B1 is a remix of the track Braindead . The remixer is Thomas Grinder from Poland. The original tune is much harder . The remix adds melodies and resamples the original basssynth to bring back the mood of this classic bombtrap 1 tune. It adds some subtlety and has a classic build up. B2 is the exceptional techno track on this ep. It is not a remix but an original tune by Mason Rent. Abstract techno stutter rhythms some synth laser shots and offbeat percussions unite to a dark prime time gem. * Tracklist: A1. Flekk-Botox_Neoflekk A2. Paul Birken - Remix Thor 2014 A3 Muelli Remix Ghostdriver B1. Braindead( Thomas Grinder Remix ) B2. Mason Rent - Tribal Massage

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