• frightnrs More to Say Versions (LP, £17.50)

    label: Daptone

    The Frightnrs’ modern classic, Nothing More To Say (4/5 REVIEW IN MOJO: “ONE OF THE MOST THRILLING ROCKSTEADY ALBUMS TO HAVE BEEN MADE SINCE THE GENRE EMERGED IN THE LATE 60's”) , masterfully re-imagined by producer extraordinaire, Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah. These are the dub versions. LIMITED LP features a 3D cover with custom printed 3D glasses included featuring The Frightnrs logo. It’s rare for a debut album, especially one in such a polarising genre like Reggae, to garner the kind of universal fanfare The Frighntrs’ 2016 long player Nothing More To Say received. Mainly because it’s a record that transcends genre specific qualifiers and rhetoric that pigeonhole many albums. It is in the truest sense of the phrase, a great record. Shortly after its release a single for Dispute (a featured track) was pressed, and like many classic reggae singles, it included a Dub (version) on the B-Side (courtesy of famed reggae producer Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod). The single was a smash success which in return inspired Axelrod to produce Dub versions for all the songs on Nothing More To Say. The result?! “More To Say” Versions: A fresh take on a modern classic that needs to be heard. This isn’t a repackaging of some remixed material. Each song has been lovingly deconstructed and reimagined by Victor Axelrod - resulting in a wholly original piece of art that is a must for fans of the Frightnrs and Soulful music in general. Limited to 3000 worldwide and 1500 copies for and sporting psychedelic 3D cover art (custom Frightnrs 3D glasses included)! 1. All My Tears Version 2. Dispute Version 3. More To Say Version 4. Gotta Find A Way Version 5. Purple Version 6. Trouble Version 7. Till Then Version 8. Lookin' Version 9. What Have I Done Version 10. Do Onto Others Version 11. Gonna Make Time Version

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