• wooden arms Trick of the Light (LP, £13.50)

    label: fierce panda

    The Truth: WOODEN ARMS are a self-diagnosed “genre-fluid” quintet from Norwich who consist of Alex Carson (vocals / piano), Alex MacKenzie (drums / bass), Jeff Smith (guitar / trumpet), Connie Chatwin (violin) and Fifi Homan (cello). Those flowing genres are alternative, classical and trip-hop music, as you might expect from a string-enriched collective emboldened by the rhythmic sensibilities of Portishead carefully blended with the ethereal melodies of Sigur Ros. ‘Trick Of The Light’ is Wooden Arms’ second album, released on October 6th, and precedes December-time live dates in Germany and the UK, as outlined further below. ‘Trick Of The Light’ appears an eerily precise three years since the 06.10.14 release of the Wooden Arms ‘Tide’ debut. And ‘eerie’ is very much the word that you heard, as this is a band who write broodingly cryptic singles called ‘Burial’ which are influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, and who make panic-stricken videos which are described as “Kafka-esque”. "A most beautiful piece of music... Somewhat reminiscent of a Winged Victory for the Sullen with that sort of emotion and tone to it... Absolutely bewitching." - Simon Raymonde (Bella Union). “Wooden Arms have emerged with a brooding and delicate classical-folk song that is smothered in subtlety, tension and lush reverb.” - The 405.

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