• jun fukamachi Nicole (86 Spring and Summer Collection - Instrumental Images) (digipak CD, £7.25)

    WRWTFWW Records releases Jun Fukamachiís highly coveted album, originally recorded in 1986 for celebrated fashion designer Mitsuhiro Matsudaís Nicole clothing brand and never officially available before. Only ever distributed as a limited promotional item offered to attendees and participants of the 1986 fashion show for the Nicole brandís Spring and Summer collection, Fukamachiís moody magnum opus has become a sort of Holy Grail for fans of Japanese ambient, jazz, and synth music alikeÖ and rightly so! Meticulously conceived, smooth and subtle, Nicole sounds like it came from an ethereal land where Erik Satie and Art of Noise lived together, a sublimely cinematic listening experience perhaps best described by renowned Japanese music writer Masaharu Yoshioka aka The Soul Searcher: If you are driving down the Autobahn at 160 km/h, or even 80 km/h, and Junís music starts playing on the car stereo, the windshield will instantly turn into your own personal silver screen. Made in co-operation with the artistsís estate and with new liner notes by Masaharu Yoshioka. Tracklisting 01 Morning Glow 02 Breathing New Life 03 Garden 04 Urban Square 05 Nile Blue 06 Shining Through 07 Early Summer 08 Roses At The Cutting Edge 09 Passion (bonus track)

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