• bodeler / richard hz / alan castro / z@p Various Artists #01 (12", £7.25)

    Psyfunk is a record series curated by Franco Cinelli, driving force of the South American underground dance music landscape and Argentina’s most respected producer and DJ. With Psyfunk, Cinelli provides a selection of minutely crafted and slowly-evolving extended DJ tools. For this third chapter, Cinelli calls on young upcoming talents from Argentina and Uruguay. Opening up the A.side, Bodeler lands with his reduced ghettotek funk, which is already one of the deadly dancefloor weapons of some of the most respected DJs out there. Irresistible! Following up, is Richard Hz. Other very promising artist on Argentine grounds, Hz provides here a burning break track, with clear touches of psychedelic acid and mystery. An ideal track to keep the floor floating in thin air. On the flip, Alan Castro, hailing from the Atlantic coast of Bahia Blanca, produces here an intimate number packed with melancholy. Jazzy relaxing swings under a sea of glitchy, afterhours material. Bringing this record to the runout is a wonderful and rare appearance of the Uruguayan Z@p. “Mental Telepathy” is resolutely funky and a clear flashback to the US Midwest right when house became techno. TRACKLIST: A1. Bodeler - Philypop A2. Richard Hz - Untitled B1. Alan Castro - Mi Alma Intoxicada B2. Z@p - Mental Telepathy

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