• mark sultan Let Me Out / Be the Blood (7", £6.25)

    Mark Sultan, a garage wunderkind who is also sometimes known an BBQ, has toured and released countless records for his legion of fans the world over. Wick Records are delighted to have the opportunity to make a couple of Markís new tunes available for your frugging pleasure and for his debut Wick platter Sultan takes his nous for pop hooks and garage rocking to new levels! LET ME OUT is a snarling acid-punker thatís driven by an urgent beat, paper-cut-thin fuzz guitar and surging organ, itís a classic garage lament - he just canít take it and he wants OUT. BE THE BLOOD jumps out of the gate like a Micheal & The Messengerís side, and in itís short life pushes the garage sound to edge of the psychedelic rainbow. We here at Wick, that most rockiní little diskery on the planet, are THRILLED to be able to share these strange, yet delightful, emanations from Mr Sultan on a 45 rpm record!

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