• james taylor quartet Quick Fire - the Audio Network Sessions (CD, £8.50)

    label: cherry red

    In 2015, legendary jazz-funk outfit The James Taylor Quartet convened in James’ home studio in Kent to record two albums entitled “House of Funk Parts 1 & 2” for the independent library music company Audio Network. Along with James’S assistance, Cherry Red have worked to compile these albums into what is now known as “Quick Fire – The Audio Network Sessions”.  Following on from James’ partnership with Cherry Red on the 2015 release “The Rochester Mass”, these dynamic and exciting recordings are now available on CD for the very first time.  Recorded ‘live’ in the studio and produced by the man himself.  Quick Fire joins the list of highly regarded James Taylor Quartet library music albums, following 2000’s “Swinging London”, 2004’s “The Hustle” and 2007’s “The Cinema Sessions”.  TRACK LISTING 1. WHISKEY ATTITUDE 2. RUBBERNECKING 3. HOT GELATO 4. QUICK FIRE 5. FILL IT IN 6. FIREBIRD 7. NAIL IT 8. JERK STUFF 9. CHOP THE GREENS 10.MESMER’S FANTASY 11.MONSTER GROVVE 12.LA STREET FEVER 13.COME TO IT 14.NIGHT JOURNEY 15.HOUSTON WIGGLE 16.BROOKLYN NIGHTS 17.UP WITH THE LARK 18.HEAD SHOT

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