• anne müller, sebastien reynolds & alex stolze Solo Collective Part One (CD, £11.50)

    Solo Collective is a contemporary classical ensemble comprising German chamber musicians Alex Stolze (violin) and Anne Müller (cello) with pianist and producer Sebastian Reynolds. The trio made their debut performances at sold out concerts in Berlin and Hannover in February 2017, and will be releasing their debut record, Part One, via Alex's Nonostar Records. The three musicians are all well established in their own right. Alex Stolze rose to European fame with his band Bodi Bill, who had a string of chart hits in Germany, and his part in internationally renowned improvised jazz ensemble Dictaphone. Alex also has a long history with the ever-thriving Berlin techno scene, from when he founded the legendary Kratakau Records label. Anne Müller is best known as a long-term musical partner of iconic German experimental pianist Nils Frahm. Anne collaborated with Nils on many of his projects, including 2011's 7fingers and the 2015 Music for the motion picture Victoria, which won the German Film Awards Best Film Score. More recently Anne has been working with other Erased Tapes artists such as Ben Lukas Boysen. She previously spent many years touring and recording with Danish singer Agnes Obel. Sebastian Reynolds is a lynchpin of the UK experimental/alternative music scene, having founded and led legendary ensembles Keyboard Choir and Braindead Collective. He continues to work as a solo artist, and on commissions to create scores for two contemporary dance works for Neon Dance Company. Part One features two compositions from each artist, one each taken from recordings of their debut live performance at the Roter Salon in the Volksbhune in Berlin, and one exclusive, brand new studio recording. Despite its seemingly disparate compilation, Part One is strikingly coherent as a listening experience, and moves between sonorous string ensemble composition, to include abrasive electronic textures, processed vocals, and ending on Reynolds' atmospheric and evocative piano piece Holy Island. Influences on the project include artists such as Steve Reich's counterpoint music and Arvo Pärt's orchestral works, as well as Brian Eno's ambient piano compositions.

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