• hugo race and the true spirit Spiritual Thirst (150g vinyl LP, £21.25)

    label: Bang! Records

    Finally released on vinyl, this magnificent album from 1993 which Hugo Race & the True Spirit released only in Europe and on CD. This record was at the peak of Hugo Raceīs period delivering the rawest blues sound. The sound of this album is like mixing The Beasts of Bourbon's "Black Milk" with Rowland S. Howard's "Teenage Snuff Film". As raw, bluesy, swampy and brutal as this. For those who follow the music of Hugo Race, it is a must. For those who donīt know it yet, there is no better door to enter into his music. Released on limited edition vinyl in order to do justice to this wonderful record, it has been remastered by Hugo Race himself. 500 copies.

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