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    “The latest must-see Spanish act to attract buzz in the wake of Hinds and The Parrots hail from Barcelona and are a psyched-up surf-pop four-piece… manage to sound dark, summery and trippy all at once.” NME. The Zephyr Bones’ hazy, melodic, psychedelic rock flickers with memories that span the distance between their native Chile and their current home of Barcelona. “Secret Place” synthesises their guitar oriented dream pop into their own unique brand of beach wave. The Zephyr Bones’ hazy, melodic, psychedelic rock flickers with memories that span the distance that separates the native Chile of guitarists and vocalists Brian Silva and Jossip Tkalcic, and the band’s current base in Barcelona, Spain – which is also home to rhythm section, Marc López and Carlos Ramos. The songs on their debut album, Secret Place, share something very intimate and invite the listener to travel to their own secret places, filled with dreams and promises, hidden away from the hectic world and these troubling times. Secret Place synthesises The Zephyr Bones’ guitar oriented dream pop —which they have christened “beach wave”— recorded in their own Eclectic Echo Lab studio in Barcelona, and mastered by Victor Garcia. The Zephyr Bones emerged in 2015 with their debut EP, Wishes/Fishes, on Spanish label La Castanya, earning them a showcase at Barcelona’s famed Primavera Sound. The video for “Weird Summer” was debuted via Noisey who called it, “hazy pop vibes like a hit of serotonin.” The band returned in 2016 with the Black Lips/Surrounded By Sunflowers 7” single, co-released worldwide between the New York label Other Music Recording Co. and La Castanya. DIY magazine featured The Zephyr Bones in a story on the Spanish underground rock scene, alongside Hinds and MOURN. In the past year the band have become a go-to support act for artists coming through Spain including Future Islands and Boogarins. The Zephyr Bones might reside in Barcelona but the songs on Secret Place span the galaxy. The single “Juglar Child on the Carousel” is set on Mars, “Las Olas” on Neptune, and “September” is left to roast on the sun. Then again, “I’ve Lost My Dinosaur” seems to be set in a delirious dream state all of its own. The album opener “Hurricanes” sets the mood with the line, “your eyes on the sunset”, heading to an innocent place to escape the world and listen to the gentle whispering psychedelia. “Telephone” tells of a long distance love affair, while “Penny’s Week” is about fleeing from a relationship, spending a week skate boarding and fucking off. Caught between suspense and narcosis, The Zephyr Bones provide the coordinates to their favourite place. It’s not the place itself that is important but that it should be kept personal —it should be your own secret place, which can be anywhere, physical or non-physical— a place or a feeling that is kept close to heart. It could be special memories of love – with partners or friends, separated by bed sheets, miles or light years. All these are stored in the tracks on Secret Place, whether you hear them on Venus, Pluto, the Pacific, the Mediterranean coast, looking out at the sea from Chile, Barcelona, or your living room. Play the record and meet the band there. “Slightly surreal and ultimately difficult to place, The Zephyr Bones seem to allow the music to find its own path.” Clash Music. “In the spirit of all thinks sun-soaked and surf-ready, Barcelona-based Zephyr bones offer up an inviting beach-like experience… Reminiscent of the saltwater brand of dream pop that DIIV mastered on their 2012 debut Oshin, the music here lives up the the “beach wave/psychedelic pop” description on the band FB page.” Soundblab Magazine. Track listing: 1. Hurricanes 2. Penny’s Week 3. Juglar Child on The Carousel 4. Las Olas 5. I’ve Lost My Dinosaur 6. Secret Place 7. Black Lips 8. September 9. Telephone 10. The Arrow Of Our Youth

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