• permission Contagious Life (mini-LP, £15.95)

    label: La Vida Es Un Mus

    Storming debut by London's Permission. An LP full of cut corners, but not the kind that diminish impact or relinquish effort to what could have been, bur more the kind of oblique angles and low sharp ceilings that cause the head that does not bang to bang, lesion, swell and never clot. Forged in the tattered die-cut of the contemporary edges of hardcore but thoroughly punched clear out of the factory, thanks to the now legendary edge of guitar player Ralph Simmonds's stereo detuning, alongside tight turns and sharp time changes. Big moves pin this LP far beyond expectation and straight onto a great punk hit. Move or be shoved. Absorb or be locked out. Somewhere between a hi-fi Rudimentary Peni and if Saccharine Trust was a rugby team. Contagious Life comes housed in a heavyweight reverse board sleeve designed by Ralph Simmonds and has a lyric insert and download code. Tracklisting 1:Outstripped 2:Just Wait And See What I Do 3:Reach Inside 4:Holding Pattern 5:Contagious 6:The Shine Has Gone 7:Drift Apart 8:Revealed

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