• know v.a. Black Label (12", £8.75)

    Amsterdamian duo Know V.A. aka Feico De Muinck Keizer and Marjin Brussaard step up to plate for the second release of Signal Life’s black label series 011-015. Having worked with the likes of DJ Shadow for his label Liquid Amber, Know V.A. present four tracks of dystopian club futurism inspired equally by their native gabber parties that the duo still occasionally visit as well as hardcore, bubbling, hardstyle and Atlanta rap manifested in a very distinct, unique, raw way. As the duo states, they are inspired by “music that surpasses the function of just music and creates a lifestyle, adjoined with fashion, art and film.” The EP sets off with RIP, a nearly 10 minute epic of splintered grains and distressed, slowed down bubbling rhythms. Just To Hurt lurks in with equal doses of dancehall rhythms, icy synths and skittering alarms. On the flip, Xeno opens with a murky riff reminiscent of ATL rap’s most prominent producers and rhythms mutate effortlessly between bubbling and rap in a way that will make any dancefloor move. The final transmission, Endless mixes grime-y detuned squarewave leads, melancholy vocal synths and distorted bass. As Know V.A. phrase it, “How would music sound in a club in a dystopian world? We are slowly progressing to the end of the world, the future of the planet atm doesn’t bring up an optimistic view.” TRACKLIST: 1. RIP, 2. Just To Hurt, 3. Xeno, 4. Endless

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