• first international sex opera band Anita (LP, £26.50)

    label: Golden Pavilion

    Fans of a.o. the 'Vampyros Lesbos' soundtrack, CAN's 'Tago Mago', Magma, Agitation Free and the exploitation gems by Staff Carpenborg & The Electric Corona and Hairy Chapter, beware! This LP, originally only available in Dutch sex shops in 1969, is one of Europe's rarest exploito psych LPs, and it's pretty interesting too! The ear catching voices of Ann Essex and Kathy Njam Njam giggle, moan and scream their way through intense fast-paced free-jazz-rock, some weirdo mumbles vaguely in the background, and the production of these two long stretched excursions is genuinely odd. For fans of truly adventurous late '60s weirdness, this vinyl reissue (only 350 copies made) is recommended!

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