• mordecai smyth The Mayor of Toytown Is Dead (CD, £9.50)

    label: Mega Dodo

    Mordecai Smyth’s debut album ‘Sticky Tape and Rust’ was the very first release on the Mega Dodo label. Since then he has been toiling on something rather different. But what, exactly? Well, the wait is over... and it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that The Mayor of Toytown is Dead. But this is no cause for sadness: Mordecai is still very much with us, although the short, sharp numbers of those Sticky Tape days have gone. They're longer now but still with hooks aplenty ‐ accessible and challenging in the best tradition of progressive rock. Mordecai prefers it to be known as "regressive rock." He's also called upon the assistance of a wide pool of talents. Among them is Dave Lambert (Strawbs, The Fire) who contributes lead guitar to the album's opening and closing tracks. TRACK LISTING: BILLYWITCH / RIVER OF SLEEP / FAR FROM THE CROWD / HEADING BACK WEST / GOLF GIRL / A KNIFE AND A KEY HAPPY / STAY WITH THE PULSE / DISSENT INTO CHAOS

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