• vonneumann NorN (CD, £9.50)

    vonneumann is an experimental/post-rock band formed in 1999 in Rome, Italy. The band is named after the mathematician Johann von Neumann. NorN is a tribute to one of the most famous errors in lexicography: the ghost word dord. Since vonneumann contains many Ns in its name, we liked to play around with symmetry, substituting the Ds in dord with our Ns. NorN is an accidental creation. NorN is a record which talks about errors: syntactic, calligraphic, digital, lexicographical, semantic, algorithmic, rhythmic; anyhow pertaining to communication. TRACK LISTING 1. bassodromo 2. antiEuclid 3. impossibile essere possibile 4. DKSG 5. humanoide 6. SOAOD 7. DwORD 8. antiReprise

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