• gil hockman Becoming (CD, £9.50)

    Becoming is Gil Hockmanís fourth full release and with it he continues to mold his own voice. The traditional tools of the singer-songwriter have again been combined with elements that are more electronic and atmospheric and while Gilís array of influences is ever-widening the overall effect is of something being brought more into focus. Each track stands on its own as a musical idea but each contributes to the complete whole. Lyrically, the shift is maybe more dramatic. Gone are the ruminations of love lost to be replaced by an investigation of the paths through life along which we all must travel. TRACK LISTING 1. The Days of our Lives 2. Untitled 3. Wednesday 7 September 4. Talking to a Man 5. Somewhere Else 6. Top of the Hill 7. Rope_ankle 8. Coming In 9. Dreaming 10. Scheming

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