• outsiders (60's) The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music: A&B Sides and More (180g vinyl double LP, £25.50)

    label: Music On Vinyl

    The Outsiders were formed in Amsterdam 1960, and although the sixties pop scene in the Netherlands was dominated by bands from The Hague, they were equally dominant in that period. Wherever the band performed there would always be skirmishes, either by the audience or the band’s own ever present thugs. Led by lead singer Wally Tax, The Outsiders played their rough and uncompromising sound that would slowly bring the band to fame. “Lying All The Time” provided The Outsiders their first top ten hit in 1966 and songs like “Keep On Trying”, “Touch”, “Monkey On Your Back” and “Summer Is Here” also entered the Dutch Top 40 and are included on the double vinyl album. To complete the package there’s ten B side singles with amongst others “Thinking About Today”, “Daddy Died On Saturday” and a selection of songs from their albums The Outsiders and CQ. MOST IMPORTANT A SIDES, “YOU MISTREAT ME”, “LYING ALL THE TIME”, “KEEP ON TRYING” MANY MORE SONGS, A SELECTION OF B SIDE SINGLES AND RELEVANT ALBUM TRACKS.

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