• house of broken promises Twisted (LP, £17.50)

    label: Heavy Psych Sounds

    HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is an Indio, CA based desert-stoner rock/metal band consisting of guitarist Arthur Seay (Unida, ApeSh!t), bassist/vocalist Joe Mora (HDR, Street Drugs DTLA, The Adicts) and drummer Mike Cancino (Unida, Lynch Mob). Formed from the ashes of UNIDA (which also featured John Garcia of KYUSS fame), HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is a pure shot of classic hard rock, stoner rock and metal. 5 years since their debut album, something new is coming! The Heavy Stoner Desert Rock trio from Indio, California is ready to give you a unique new piece of music composed of 2 unreleased killer songs, 2 covers: one by Black Sabbath and one by Billy Squier plus a bunch of outtakes and live songs with a running time of approx 30 minutes of music. The amazing artwork is made by Solo Macello the Italian illustrator that takes care of a lot of the HPS Records designs. The band (ex-Unida) repeat the success of the old formula, with Mike Cancino’s great drumming and the wall of guitar sound of Arthur Seay, who is also the producer of the album, Joe More finalised the job with his wonderful vocals ala John Garcia. The album has been recorded at the Arthur Seay studio, Indio, California in the deep desert close to the Joshua Tree area that has inspired so many artists. The listener can feel the dust of the desert in his mouth, driving in an old Cadillac, on some desert highways surrounded by the howling of coyotes. Track listing: Twisted; Toranado; The Stroke (Billy Squier cover); Lady Evil (Black Sabbath cover); Panzram (DEMO Mix); Straight Jacket (DEMO Mix); The Hurt (Paid My Dues) [Live]

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