• i won't have to think about you - compiled by bayu and moopie  (LP, £20.75)

    Sublime compilation of long-lost Australian indie-pop, acoustic jangle and beat happenings gathered by Melbourne-based collector and DJ Bayu and label head Moopie. Twelve tracks of singular vision spanning up- and downbeat pop, post-punk and minimal synth rarities recorded between 1982 and now. Australian twee pop royalty the Cat's Miaow shares the stage with the Cannanes and the Particles; Ya Ya Choral with Sarah Records' own Even As We Speak. Included is the previously unreleased 'Dot', by Mutant Sounds cult band Maestros and Dipsos. Full colour reverse-card sleeve with printed insert and lyrics sheet. Tracklisting: A1. The Cat's Miaow - Not Like I Was Doing Anything A2. The Particles - Driving Me A3. The Ampersands - Affected A4. Pearly Gatecrashers - In The Summer A5. Ya Ya Choral - Waiting Time A6. Bart & Friends - There May Come A Time B1. Even As We Speak - I Won't Have To Think About You B2. Maestros and Dipsos Dot B3. Love Positions - Light Of Day B4. Shapiros - Gone By Fall B5. Hydroplane - Completed Extract From The Previous 7" B6. The Cannanes - Lamington Lane

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