• people like us / porest Optimized! (LP, £15.95)

    label: Discrepant

    Third volume of this irregular split series. This time pairing two artists at the top of their 'collagist' game, People Like Us and Porest. The Parallel Broadcasts presents Porest’s recordings from the covert sector of his archives. Culled from shortwave and FM broadcasts, these selections were intercepted via prepared radio – finely tuned to receive what is known in certain circles as parallel broadcasting. Content explores the trauma of emerging global consciousness, acute cultural anthropology and the urgent placement of democratic music today.Recorded on location in Jan/Feb, 2016 – Featuring contributions from Paul Staufenbiel and Michael DarrAll On A Beautiful Day was recorded in Spring 2016 by People Like Us for "Optimized!" - a week-long online a/v radio station programmed by Vicki Bennett, housed on WFMU.org which experimented with ideas of what radio might be in the world of high speed internet broadcasting. The content included 26 new a/v artist works, including both this and Porest’s Parallel Broadcasts, where people were invited to respond to the word "optimized". Tracklisting A:Porest - The Parallel Broadcasts / AA:People Like Us – All on a Beautiful Day

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