• the collection Listen to the River (LP, £19.95)

    label: Burnt Toast

    ‘Listen To The River' is the Collection's follow up to their well-received debut, Ars Moriendi. This seven-member Greensboro, NC group continues to hone their orchestral pop sound with extensive instrumentation that includes Rhodes, harp, vibraphone, saxophone, horns and strings, clarinet, piano, mandolin, accordion, and the more traditional guitar, bass and drums. 'Listen To The River' reflects many of the pains experienced through the death of close family and friends, divorce between singer David Wimbish and member Mira Joy, and the re-examination of life that comes with that darkness through a philosophical lens influenced by Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, Hermann Hesse and Lao Tse. Tracks: Threshing Floor / You Taste Like Wine / Mama / Birds / No Maps Of The Past / Siddhartha My Light Was A Ghost / Sing Of The Moon / So Many People / The Older One / The Alchemy Of Awe / The Listener

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