• s u r v i v e RR7387 (4-track 12", £11.50)

    label: relapse

    Four tracks from experimental synth band S U R V I V E's breakthrough 2016 LP RR7349, remixed and reinterpreted by an eclectic field of artists including Lena Willikens, Not Waving, Sam Haar (Blondes) and Justin K Broadrick aka JK Flesh (Godflesh, Jesu). These four renditions expertly showcase the compositional skill and rich diversity layered within each track and further encapsulate the scope of S U R V I V E's sonic palette. Two of S U R V I V E’s 4 members composed the theme song and all music to the smash hit Netflix series “Stranger Things”. RR7387 is out just as “Stranger Things 2” Season 2 is released.

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