• weyers Out of Our Heads (LP, £20.75)

    Desert Rock from the mountains! The 2014 album debut "Within" impressively bridged the gap between the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Triggerfinger and the White Stripes. Their six-track mini album "Beep Beep Beep", released in spring 2015, was also handmade music, which once again received a wicked wide-screen treatment by ex-Swans drummer and producer/engineer Roli Mosimann (i.e. Björk, Faith No More, Einstürzende Neubauten). Now is the time for their second full length album. The Weyers, aka the brothers Adi and Luke Weyermann, are veterans of the Zurich music scene. Both have been in a number of bands which have achieved far more than just local popularity over the years. One or two – Crank especially – have long since acquired legendary status. Only a couple of years ago, however, the two brothers have come together to share a stage. "He’s the brain, I am the muscle" – this is how Luke, a drummer with a hardcore punk background, explains their musical relationship. Adi (vox, guitar), on the other hand, is a Brit-pop fan and a consummate songwriter in the Kinks-mode. Following the release of their fiery debut album a couple of years ago, the Weyers have toured incessantly throughout continental Europe. TRACKLIST 1. Bout Love 2. Think Of You 3. Out Of Our Heads 4. Strange Thing 5. Darkness 6. Done With Love 7. Walk 8. White Elephant 9. We're Here 10. Voluntary Tears 11. So Good To See You

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