• cutting through A Will to Change (LP, £19.95)

    CUTTING THROUGH consists of current and former members of GO IT ALONE, GET THE MOST, FIRED UP, BLUE MONDAY, SAFE AND SOUND & UNRESTRAINED. The concept of the band was inspired by an era of hardcore that was anthemic and had emphasis on message. The band values the opportunity to speak out on injustice and the shortcomings of the our current social climate. CUTTING THROUGH seeks to foster a connection between listener and group, with the intention of spreading a message of optimism and the idea that we have the ability to improve ourselves and our surroundings. Digital download included. TRACKLIST 1. Bounding Main 2. Reflect 3. A Will To Change 4. What’s In The Past 5. Intro-What We Think 6. Set Myself Free 7. Intensity

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