• mooner Tabiat (white vinyl LP, £15.95)

    Released as a companion album to our Shark Move reissue, Mooner update the heavy psych sounds of early 70ís Indonesia while staying true to the roots of the original scene.  Featuring members of The Slave, The SIGIT, Sigmun and Sarasvati, Mooner are a supergroup of the Indonesian heavy/hard rock scene.  Tabiat is Moonerís first full length and itís a monster, 12 tracks of heavy psych with strong influences of Indian Raga and Middle Eastern touches thrown into a stoner rock stew.  Pressed on beautiful ivory coloured vinyl, Tabiat is an extremely limited release, with just a few hundred copies being made available outside of Indonesia.  TRACKLIST 1. Buruh 2. Fana 3. Takana 1 4. Hei 5. Ingkar 6. Lancang 7. Takana 2 8. Serikat 9. Gelar 10. Seruh 11. Takana 3 12. Ternganga

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