• slomind Metamorphoseon (LP, £11.95)

    After SLOMIND’s EP "Grown Against The Grain“ (October 2013) was showered with praise by press and audience, the expectations on the first longplayer of the band were correspondingly high. When one year later, in October 2014, the debut album "Solar Plexus“ of the Duesseldorf-based band was released to the hungry Stoner/Fuzz/Rock/Metal fans, SLOMIND have proved impressively that they could hold their self-imposed standards and that they were even going one step further, because “Solar Plexus” was an expansion of their unique musical mix, for which the EP was highly appreciated already.  Then it was about time for a new album. And once again it took to extend the SLOMIND cosmos and to give the Stoner Rock genre a live cell treatment of hooky Heavy Fuzz Rock. With thousand ideas in mind and plentyful new riffs in their baggage, SLOMIND started their musical journey.  Though no-one had talked about it, it was already clear that they wouldn’t let themselves being stopped by stylistic borders! Heading towards Doom Metal, going past smoky ballads and taking turns into Hardcore-like realms. Going back home, back to roots, from time to time as well. Always with fuzzy guitars in an Heavy Rock outlook. TRACKLIST 1. Metamorphoseon 2. Soulstripper (Album Version) 3. Drag The Chain 4. You´re The Wave 5. Riot 6. Relentless (Album Version) 7. Drifter 8. Mother 9. Soulstripper (Single Cut) 10. Relentless (Single Cut)

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