• spyair Kingdom (CD, £12.75)

    KINGDOM is the triumphant fifth album from Japanís pop-rock giants SPYAIR. With over 115 million YouTube hits to their name, countless upbeat songs used in anime, film and TV, the band has risen to be one of the leaders in Japanís music scene. KINGDOM contains 12 new songs, including rock anthem RAGE OF DUST (theme song to the latest series of Gundam), and MIDNIGHT, which sees the band adopt a very different sound, unlike anything in their career so far. TRACKLIST 1. The World Is Mine 2. Rage Of Dust 3. Midnight 4. Scramble 5. Kimigaitanatsu 6. This Is How We Rock 7. Bring It On ~Battle Of Rap~ 8. Donít Look Back 9. Brand New Days 10. C!RCUS 11. Goldship 12. Be With

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