• threat signal Disconnect (boxed CD, £23.95)

    Since their critically acclaimed debut offering "Under Reprisal" (2006), which won the "Canadian Recording Of The Year Award" at the Hamilton Music Awards, Threat Signal became internationally recognised as one of the best modern acts in thrash metal. Their latest two instalments, the intense "Vigilance" (2009) and reinvented "Threat Signal" (2011), have both met with unrelenting hype, with each generating growing interest within the metal community. Combining the complexity of thrash metal, with a more contemporary groove sound involving technical rhythms and melodic musical passages, the band finally returns with its fourth studio album, "Disconnect". TRACKLIST 1. Elimination Process 2. Nostalgia 3. Walking Alone 4. Exit The Matrix 5. Falling Apart 6. Aura 7. Betrayal 8. To Thine Own Self Be True 9. Dimensions 10. Terminal Madness. Limited BOXED CD with exclusive bonus track.

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