• blaney The Severance (LP, £15.95)

    Fusing the urban and ferocity, is frontman Ed Blaney, former band mate of “The Fall” and a musician from the northern English city of Salford through and through. Blaney’s debut release “Urban Nature” nuanced the emotional depth and emphasised home with industrial working class charm including features with The Fall frontman Mark E. Smith. Now “The Severance” brings up a deep breath of musical fresh air and marks a breakaway from the past life. This musical expression reflects memories about childhood, personal development, a broken up society, but also the positive way into the uncertain. “The Severance” was spontaneously and completely recorded in Berlin, where two of the band members are based – a chance for heading away from distractions in Salford/Manchester and being embraced by multicultural vibes and surrounded by the creative attitude of the vibrant city. Combined with the soulful, honest vocals, the band pushes the boundaries of the conventional urban rock using extended vocals and a unique blend of raw energy, spiritual pop and roughness. Fuelled by Ed Blaney’s hypnotic and powerful vocal sounds alongside with pounding drums, ferocious guitars and deep bass lines, the four band members share the smiles on their faces being totally immersed with their music in an intimate studio (which has the character of a charming workshop in a Berlin backyard). TRACKLIST 1. Happy Return 2. Feel the Rain 3. Bin Liner 4. The Severance 5. Thinking of You 6. 11007 Days Old 7. Tessa 8. The 11th Man 9. Blackpool 10. The Arrival

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