• gregg kowalsky L'Orange, l'Orange (MC, £7.25)

    label: Mexican Summer

    What does the sun sound like? L’Orange, L’Orange, Gregg Kowalsky’s (Date Palms) first solo album in eight years, might have the answer. Its vivid music – sourced from analog synths and mixed on a laptop – arrives in rays of sound that shine skyward. There are many moods in each track, but the overarching aura is one of brightness and optimism. Hence the album title, which nods toward the radiant hue of our life-sustaining star. The warm atmospheres of Miami (his birthplace) and Los Angeles (his home of 3years) infuse the luminous ambience of L’Orange, L’Orange. Kowalsky points to the album’s second track, “Maliblue Dream Sequence.” Its lapping synth waves mirror the time he spent working on the record at a friend’s home in the beachside city of Malibu. But you can hear echoes of blue skies, sun-baked shores, and drifting tides throughout – from the sparkling ripples of “Tuned to Monochrome,” to the rising rhythm of “Pattern Haze,” to the sandy layers of “Ritual Del Croix.” L’Orange, L’Orange isn’t just about brightness and bliss. It’s also about engrossing your mind – creating an omnipresence not unlike that shiny orange orb whose ubiquity defines our days and whose absence fills our nights. For Gregg Kowalsky, music can have that same kind of overpowering effect. The sounds of L’Orange, L’Orange can calm your nerves, warm your mood, and maybe even enlighten your mind. “The long drones and fluttering, Terry Riley-like melodies are a great backdrop for soulful rumination or watching the natural world shift and sway as the cold weather starts to creep in. And when the political landscape starts to get a little too much to bear, it’s a great soundtrack to drown out the cacophony of hot takes and raw nerves for a little while.” - Paste. "Blissful, ambient sun salutation" - Resident Advisor. "Gorgeous" - FACT. Tracklisting: 

1. L'Ambience, L'Orange 
2. Maliblue Dream Sequence 
3. Tuned to Monochrome
 4. Tonal Bath for Bubbles
 5. Pattern Haze 
6. Ritual Del Croix 
7. Blind Contour Drawing for Piano

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