• unguided And the Battle Royale (CD + DVD, £16.50)

    THE UNGUIDED the Swedish band featuring former SONIC SYNDICATE members Richard Sjunnesson (vocals) and Roger Sjunnesson (guitar; Richard's brother) release this album via Napalm Records. In 2016 THE UNGUIDED parted ways with guitarist/singer Roland Johannsson (also ex-SONIC SYNDICATE) and replaced him with Jonathan Thorpenberg. To mark a new chapter and to introduce Jonathan as well as honour everyone who had been part of the band over the past few years, THE UNGUIDED released a digital two-track EP titled "Brotherhood" in December. Richard Sjunnesson states: "We've without doubt sacrificed our five souls into this one. Everyone knew it would be a career defining record after the departure of our highly acclaimed brother and we had no intensions to disappoint our fans nor ourselves writing and record this dynamic monster with innovative producer Dino Medanhodzic. Everyone indeed brought their absolute A game on this record and Jonathan over performed in every possible way whilst also bringing something completely new to the table. A table which much urgently needed it I'd say. Come November and the battle royale will make or break you!"

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