• occult box  (5 CD + 7" boxed set, £44.50)

    label: cleopatra

    A haunting collection of evil Witch House, demonic industrial, and ghostly ambient tracks from yesterday, today and beyond! The five CDs are packaged in individual wallets. You also get a bonus 7-inch with a silk screened jacket, a full colour 7"x7" booklet and a collectible pentagram pendant with chain! The full length non-stop mix was created by DJ/model Tamara Sky! This set is available with four different - randomly - coloured 7-inch vinyls! The featured bands/artists include UMBERTO, CHRISTIAN DEATH, PSYCHIC TV, JOY DIVISION, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, CHROME, LAIBACH, SINS, TANGERINE DREAM, PETER MURPHY (Bauhaus), MAGIC WANDS, SILVER SWANS, a.m.o.

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