• petit biscuit Presence (180g vinyl double LP, £19.95)

    As a classically trained musician, Petit Biscuit’s sound combines acoustic and electric elements with trademark vocal manipulations at the forefront. The music of the young prodigy has started to spread like wildfire. 17 year old French producer, Petit Biscuit, has gained massive global success off of his track ‘Sunset Lover,’ which has amassed over 350M streams across key platforms. The next single ‘Waterfall,’ features Australian singer/producer Panama and his debut album ‘Presence’ is released on his 18th birthday. “Petit Biscuit has always impressed us with his incredibly chill tunes and is back with yet another amazing release.” - This Song Is Sick. “..there’s one future bass song each year that breaks through the copycat noise to uplift an unknown producer to viral heights.” - Billboard. “Sunset Lover’ is so incredibly impressive. It’s the sort of sound quality and mixing you’d expect from an arti st that’s been producing for years, not just starting out.” - Stoney Roads. “[Sunset Lover is] a beautiful interweaving of chill as fuck vibes and a great, driving beat.” - Earworm Club. Tracks: Creation Comes Alive / Problems / Follow Me / Beam / Break Up / Gravitation / On The Road / Wake Up / Presence / Oceans / Waterfall / Sunset Lover / Forever Being / The End

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