• ryan driver Careless Thoughts (CD, £11.50)

    Ryan Driverís new album consists of brand new original songs. Inspired by the more adventurous figures of jazz and other musical genres, Driver turns off the guiding light of traditional form and convention and instead reaches in the dark for something more profound, his every note, melody and lyric a question thrown out into the universe. He may never quite find the answers, but itís in the act of searching that he carves out his musical identity. Ryan Driver is a singer, songwriter and improvising musician based in Toronto. Besides his own projects, he has sung and/or played guitar, piano, fl ute, analogue synth, melodica, and/or his simple homemade instruments (thumb reeds and streetsweeper bristle bass) with Eric Chenaux, Sandro Perri, Jennifer Castle, Baby Dee, Doug Tielli, Alex Lukashevsky, Devon Sproule, Kim Barlow, Thom Gill, Michelle McAdorey, John Southworth, Mary Margaret OíHara, and many others. Since 1999 he has also led The Ryan Driver Quartet / Quintet / Sextet, playing monthly performances in Toronto. Favouring the ballads of the American Jazz Era, as well as most recently those of composer and songwriter Stephen Parkinson, Ryan plays piano and sings in this group featuring some of Torontoís most accomplished and most experimental musicians (Martin Arnold, Brodie West, Rob Clutton, Nick Fraser and Michael Davidson). Ryan has toured internationally with notable performances at the Angelica Festival of New Music in Bologna, Italy; Heartland Festival in Vevey, Switzerland; Canadian Blast at Trafalgar Square and the Barbican in London, England; Bergenfest in Bergen, Norway; Tanned Tin Festival in Castellon, Spain; and Sound Symposium in St. Johnís, Newfoundland. Tracks: They Call This Everything / Itís Nothing Time / Careless Thoughts / I Guess I Wonít Be Going Home / Love / It Must Be Dark Tonight / The Seasons The Months And The Days / Olive Tree / There Once Was A Sky

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