• patsy LA Women (LP, £15.95)

    label: La Vida Es Un Mus

    New Orleans’s Patsy (featuring multiple members of Mystic Inane) are perhaps the current reigning champions of riffy, snotty punk. This is their first full-length, after a couple of EPs, and it’s a pure delight for anyone who likes their rock n’ roll stripped of all pretence and equipped with a constant eye-roll. “Society Ape” and “Nazis Are So Plain” are particularly finger-on-the-pulse in 2017 without being too on-the-nose; the former taunts harassers (“You can’t touch me”), and the latter takes the piss out of the careful aesthetics of white supremacists by essentially calling them basic as hell. “Tommy, Bobby, Johnny” is a wicked take on the interchangeability of musical love-objects, and Candice Metrailer’s vocal delivery here is especially cutting. Patsy do a lot with their essential elements; everything here is perfectly simple but not at all simplistic. (Jes Skolnik). Tracklisting 1:Count It On Down 2:Heathen 3:The Red Door 4:For The Sake Of The Song 5:Society Ape 6:Nazis Are So Plain 7:Tommy, Bobby, Johnny

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