• half waif Probable Depths (blue vinyl LP, £13.95)

    label: Cascine

    Nandi Rose Plunkett writes, records and performs under the name Half Waif. Her music is a richly layered collage of blinking electronic soundscapes, echoes of Celtic melodies and the sad chord changes of 19th-century art music. Over the last several years, while touring as a member of the celebrated New Jersey band Pinegrove, Half Waif self-released two EPs and two albums. It was with 2016’s Probable Depths that Half Waif caught the attention of the worldwide music media, with NPR singling out track ‘Turn Me Around’ and Pitchfork awarding it their coveted Best New Track distinction. It was also during this time that Half Waif’s relationship with Cascine began. In early 2017, Cascine released Half Waif’s latest EP, form/a, and now the label is giving 2016's Probable Depths its first ever vinyl pressing — a limited run of 400 on baby blue wax. Tracklisting 

1. Desperado 
2. Nest 
3. Turn Me Around
 4. Probable Depths
 5. Overthrown 
6. Stutter Stop 
7. Know Your Body
 8. Tactilian

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