• plastic flowers Absent Flower (LP, £24.50)

    Absent Forever is the third album from London-based producer Plastic Flowers and his second for The Native Sound after Heavenly. Plastic Flowers formed vaguely around 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece and play a noisy version of Dream Pop filed under Shoegaze, Ambient and Indie. Much like his previous releases on labels such as Crash Symbols, Inner Ear Records or Bad Panda, this album artfully slips intelligence and experimentation into a dying art form. It possess the pensive and melancholy undertones taken of Heavenly, but they take different forms and themes. There are different ways to find growth and constructiveness through the times and situations that are la-belled as negative, but through this album Samaras explores themes of personal flaws and downfalls that changed his life and helped him complete Absent Forever. Tracks: Absent Forever / How Can / Seventeen / Falling Off / Dalliance / Half Life / So Long / Where Are You / January 2017 / NN

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