• ereb altor By Honour (clear vinyl LP, £12.75)

    label: I Hate Records

    Official reissue of the 2008 EREB ALTOR debut album.  Growing up with BATHORY’s epic era in their hearts it was inevitable that the music they were to create was going to be influenced by their house gods.  With BATHORY’s anthems as their spiritual foundation they set out to create an own branch of the so called ”Epic Viking metal” genre.  This is first class heavy metal, meaningful, epic, heavy, melodic, melancholic and true to the style created by BATHORY, SCALD and DOOMSWORD with elements of CANDLEMASS and ISOLE.  Put simply; if you have the slightest affinity for musical grandeur ”By Honour” will put a berserker's grin on your face!  We now reissue the album with improved cover artwork and layout.

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