• bleu forest Ichiban - Live At Jimmie's (CD, £11.95)

    label: Gearfab

    The very first recordings by The Bleu Forest took place after the group had played a show at the Hey You Coffeehouse in Ventura, CA. Jimmie Haskell invited the psych/acid-rockers to come to Hollywood and record on the spot at his place. His intention was to capture how the band sounded live, and that is exactly what 'Ichiban' does, thanks to the band members in fine form, two mics, a recording machine, and lots of spontaneity and raw energy with no retakes. It's a time-capsule direct from Jimmie's place in August, 1967. TRACKS: 01. Bitter Street 02. Story Of A Sort 03. When I'm Alone 04. One I Love 05. I Need Sunshine 06. You Said You're Leaving 07. Looking In (Introspection Song) 08. For You 09. A Woodland Spring 10. At Times 11. Colored Rings

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