• obsessed The Church Within (180g vinyl double LP, £28.75)

    Biker metal, doom metal, stoner metal....whatever metal sub-genre you want to fit him into, Scott "Wino" Weinrich has been at the forefront of it for over thirty years. The unmistakable rasp of his lead vocals and thick, fuzzy Gibson guitar tone have spearheaded bands ranging from Saint Vitus to Spirit Caravan to Probot, but for many his crowning achievement (and most accessible one) was 'The Church Within', the last album he made with his first band, The Obsessed, for Columbia in 1994. His lone major label release, 'The Church Within' features the dark vision and crushing, slow-motion riffs beloved by fans of Black Sabbath, but the driving intensity and atonal guitar solos recall Motörhead and Black Flag, respectively; in short, this album transcends genre classifications even as it defines them. Now, for the first time, this lost classic of 90s metal is being reissued by Real Gone Music on gatefold vinyl with two bonus tracks (the single 'Mental Kingdom' and the unreleased track 'Melancholy Grey'), added photos, the original album art with lyrics and a new note from Wino himself. Everyone from Henry Rollins to Dave Grohl to Ian MacKaye has sung Wino's praises...time to join the chorus.

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