• todd rundgren & utopia Live 1978 (gold vinyl double LP, £17.50)

    The first official release of Todd Rundgren & Utopia’s concert at The Old Waldorf in San Francisco in August 1978. The San Francisco concerts of August that year were part of the second tour that Todd had undertaken that year, and the first of 1978 with Utopia. Following a series of successful shows in the Spring of 1978 (which resulted in the live album “Back to the Bars”), Todd hit the road in August 1978 with Utopia to tour the United States, performing concerts over the next three months. The San Francisco shows were a particular highlight of the tour, recorded for broadcast on the local K-SAN FM radio station, the set list covered both Todd’s solo material and Utopia classic tracks. This =release is the latest in the Todd Rundgren Archive series and is the first official release for this concert, (not to be confused with the K-SAN recording from 1979 at the same venue). Newly remastered from the original master tapes, this archive album captures Utopia at the peak of their powers and is a magnificent testament to the fine musical craftsmanship of Todd Rundgren and his fellow Utopia musicians. LP 1/SIDE 1: 1. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference 2. Love Of The Common Man 3. Trapped 4. Abandon City 5. The Last Ride / LP 1/SIDE 2: 1. The Seven Rays 2. Can We Still Be Friends 3. Back On The Street 4. You Cried Wolf / LP 2/SIDE 1 1. Gangrene 2. A Dream Goes On Forever 3. Black and White 4. Eastern Intrigue/Initiation / LP 2/SIDE 2: 1. Couldn't I Just Tell You 2. Hello, It's Me 3. Just One Victory

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