• white room Eight (8-track 12", £6.25)

    label: Deltasonic

    ‘Eight’ is not a bunch of singles thrown together. It is a collection of songs that interlock conceptually (not as a narrative story, but more in a general theme throughout the lyrics). The concept of ‘Eight’ actually came to us more by coincidence than an idea at the start, as when we discussed our release strategy for 2017 we decided to run with the idea of eight songs released digitally in pairs and compiled into a vinyl at the end. After discussing this strategy, we went away with this number branded in our minds. 8. The symbol ‘8’, the figure of 8, it just screams out to you. As we looked more into the number 8, the correlation between the lyrics and the themes signified by the number really started to jump out at us and it all started coming together. 8 is the number of infinity; despite all that is thrown at it there is much that is intrinsically beautiful in the world. It’s signifies positivity in the universe, joy, strength, balance and power in unity, which are touched upon within the lyrics of ‘Eight’. At this point we decided to run with this as our concept and that remaining 3 undecided tracks would all fit into this overall concept. In ‘Eight’ we are offering a way to lose yourself from it all and find an escape for a moment from all the horror and pain that is happening all around us. To embrace the ability music has to take you away from the harsh realities of daily life. With this in mind we made a conscious decision to include elements that would tie in the tracks sonically. For example, we have used synth and guitar sounds that appear throughout ‘Eight’ to gel the tracks together, solidifying that these are not just a compilation of songs we have. The artwork is also crucially interlinked with the whole ‘Eight’ project. Each song is represented on the individual release in their AAs where the artwork is a standalone piece. When all the songs are compiled into the EP the artwork for all 4 AAs comes together as one overall piece and each is represented as an eighth; there are also many references to Eight within each piece. TRACKLISTING: 01. The Blue 02. Tomorrow Always Knew 03. Stole The I.V. 04. Take Me Away 05. Cannibal Song 06. Cable-built Dreamland 07. Twisted Celebration 08. Circles

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