• eloy The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre (Part 1) (180g vinyl double LP, £22.25)

    Eloy is back! After the sensational success of the CD, the work is being released with MIG Music as high-grade vinyl double album with gatefold sleeve. Frank Bornemann has transformed the story of the French national heroine Jeanne d’Arc to an impressive musical journey into the 15th century. Next to spoken word passages the music primarily captivates with its atmospheric arrangements that open up a new chapter in the Eloy cosmos. The press puts the work under the same category as Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and The Who’s “Tommy”, confirming the powerful intensity of the songs and praising the audiophile quality. As guest musicians the following musicians are featured on the album: Alice Merton (her single “No Roots” made no. 2 in the German single charts), Jessy Martens (blues singer with multiple awards), Steve Mann (guitarist with MSG, Lionheart), Isgaard (classical trained singer), Simon Moskon (Cryptex). With this convincing concept album, Eloy manages to take up on their glory days. LP1: The Age Of The Hundred Years’ War / Domremy On The 6th Of January 1412 / Early Signs... From A Longed For Miarcle / Autumn 1428 At Home / The Call / Vaucouleurs / The Ride By Night... Towards The Predestined Fate / Chinon / LP2:The Prophecy / The Sword / Orléans / Les Tourelles / Why?

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