• ween Shinola Vol. 1 (green vinyl LP, £22.25)

    label: Schnitzel

    SHINOLA VOL. 1 is packed with bursting beautifully crafted songs that reminds the listener why "Chocolate and Cheese" among other Ween albums was such a fabulous record and why Ween are such a good band altogether - always expect the unpredictable, take the joke and dance to the music. "SHINOLA VOL. 1 is a collection of odds, ends, and leftovers from around our studio and contains killer new mixes of a lot of songs that have been floating around. I don't mind telling you that it's a really great record. The record was produced and mixed by Andrew Weiss and Ween and it's an ugly one. You really wanna pick this up, I'm not shitting you." Mickey Melchiondo (aka Dean Ween).

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