• inon zur Syberia 3 (180g clear vinyl double LP, £36.75)

    The Cologne-based video game soundtrack label Black Screen Records and publisher Micro´ds have teamed up to release the incredible soundtrack to the third instalment of the award-winning video game series Syberia by three-time BAFTA nominated composer Inon Zur (Syberia 2, Fallout 3 & 4, Dragon Age 1 & 2, Prince of Persia) as a limited edition vinyl release - which also includes the full Syberia 2 soundtrack - on audiophile double vinyl. Inon's score combines traditional Eastern European sounds (accordion, mandolin), a blend of Tuvan and Peruvian throat singing, primitive percussion and mechanical, metallic sound elements (steam organ) with orchestral performances by The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and emotional, dynamic, raw, tribal singing performed by Aeralie Brighton. Tracklisting: Disc 1: 01. Syberia 3 Main Theme 02. Thrill Of Nature 03. Dark Force In Motion 04. Call Of Tradition 05. Symphony For A Redemption 06. Kate Walker 07. A Craftsman's Cave 08. A Traveler With No Destination 09. Tainted City 10. Story Unfolds 11. The Spirit Of The Lake 12. Valsembor 13. Walk The Walk 14. Destiny Awaits 15. Olympia Disc #2: 01. A Matter Of Proportions 02. Baranour 03. Sanity Doubts 04. Traces To Find 05. Crucial Run 06. Kate And The Youkols 07. Back To Syberia 08. Syberia 2 Main Theme 09. Valadilene Dream 10. Romansbour 11. The Youkols 12. Monastery 13. Ice Chase 14. The Grand North 15. The Dream 16. The Promise 17. Traces In The Snow 18. Mammoths 19. Arrive Syberia

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